While news of another batch of layoffs at the Chronicle isn't particularly newsworthy in this economy, the California Media Workers Guild posted the following missive yesterday.

Chronicle Unit Chair Michelle Devera issued the following notice to members today:

The Guild was given a "heads-up" today that more layoffs are in store for The Chronicle. There were no details as to numbers or departments, but additional information was expected within a day or two.

Arrangements are being made for Guild leadership to meet with management representatives. If we hear anything, we will let you know. As always, please check our Web site for updates.

In solidarity,
Michelle Devera, Unit chair

"In solidarity." Hm. Where have we heard something like that before?

Anyway, stay strong, Chron scribes and other assorted members. We know you'll land on your feet, prove that democracy and copy-editing will not die at the cruel and cold hands of the interwebs, etcetera, etcetera, and so forth. For help getting back on your feet and getting back in the game, go here and here.