Most of you should recall the name of Oscar Grant, who was shot late on New Year's Eve at the Fruitvale BART station by a certain BART cop named Johannes Mehserle. Said shooting led to much outrage, protest, and rioting over there in the East Bay. Well, as of today a new independent report has been released to the public detailing all the non-confidential (read: boring) procedural items that have been under investigation regarding BART cops and their tactics and procedures. SF Appeal has some bullet points. Suffice it to say their tactics and procedures were bad, and no one will be carrying their Tasers next to their handguns anymore.

Missing from the report are any juicy details regarding a rumored sexual relationship between two BART officers, or any other "extensive information regarding personnel matters" that are confidential by law and reported separately -- not to be released to the public until some scrappy journalist gets their hands on a copy. We do not expect further protest until Johannes Mehserle stands trial, which won't be until October.