Today, San Francisco Police Chief George Gascon will announce a newfangled way to help stop crime. It's called Text-A-Tip, and it will allow you to do just that, text a tip anonymously to the SFPD. According to NBC Bay Area, "Text-a-Tip is currently being used by police in 40 states." Whoj is magically landed in San Francisco is anybody's guess. (Oh wait, you don't have to guess. It's because of Chief Gascon, who believes in silly little things like technology and THE FUTURE.) But the best place to use Text-A-Tip, it seems, is on Muni. Police Lt. James Miller, NBC Bay Area goes on to report, "told commissioners at a recent meeting that the program will be especially helpful for Muni passengers who want to report a crime without drawing attention to themselves." So, the next time teen thugs are mugging someone while everybody looks on, please take a picture of said thugs (provided they have picture-receiving capabilities) and send it to Text-a-Tip. (We'll update as soon as we get a police agency ID number. Which, yeah, would be helpful.)