On Saturday, your grandfather and his Shriner buddies protested Barbara Boxer's book signing in Danville. According to Mercury News, "[a]bout 100 people, many with picket signs, covered the sidewalks outside Rakestraw Books on Hartz Avenue and chanted such slogans as 'Boxer must go' and ''Save our freedoms'" and other things a drug-addled radio personality told them to say.

It seems the geriatric set turned cantankerous because they feel Boxer should have been holding town hall meetings about health care reform, not hawking her book, Blind Trust. What's the bug up their butt about health care reform? Well, as friend of SFist Leo Mikulich expertly explained, "Obama wants to steal your grandparents dentures in the middle of the night and sell them on Ebay to fund his stimulus package and allow terrorist socialists to escape captivity to find shelter in the dog house in your back yards."


Anyway. Boxer responds to the protesters.