We're chagrined for downplaying this BART strike business earlier this week, but there's just been so many strike threats at this point (going back to mid-June) it's hard not to feel like the union's bluffing just a little bit. The update, as it stands, is that BART is ready to go back to the bargaining table with the Amalgamated Transit Union any time between now and Sunday; Mayor Newsom and Mayor Dellums have both issued statements encouraging negotiations to continue and expressing concern for Bay Area businesses; every local news station is going batshit interviewing commuters and predicting traffic Armageddon.

We're taking a poll here to see where all y'all's heads are at with this. Are you freaking out? Can you telecommute? Is this going to make your week a living hell? Or do you imagine, as we do, that there might be another 11th hour compromise as there was back in 2005, averting this whole mess by Sunday night?