SFGate 'City Bright' Rich Lieberman has word that, behind the joy that is Darya Folsom and Gary Radnich in the morning, turmoil is brewing behind the scenes at KRON 4. (Which would make sense since they've got creditors on their tail, filed for bankruptcy, can't find a decent buyer, and have an estimated worth between "$150M and $200M.") According to Lieberman, "Three independent sources said the relationship between staff personnel and news management; notably news director, Aaron Pero and assistant news director, Stacey Baier, couldn't be more 'toxic.' The sources, who have been at the struggling SF TV station for several years, requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the story." (Gulp.)

When Lieberman asked for confirmation on the alleged chaos at the former-NBC affiliate, KRON 4 General Manager Brian Grief brilliantly snapped back, "You...have a history of writing 'false and defamatory stories about KRON; this is another false, defamatory article. There are no issues or problems with our newsroom management. We have had zero grievances filed since I have been at the TV station." (Fabulous.)

Most distressing of all -- and by "distressing" we mean "awesome" -- former weather boy Michael Kelting "recently filed a $7.684M lawsuit against KRON/Young" back in June "citing hostile work environment and sexual harassment in the complaint." (We could see that.)

In semi-related news, here are the astrological signs of some of your favorite current and former KRON 4 on-air personalities. (Aquarians rule.)