Cavenia Bryant and Jamillya Edgerton, the two waste-of-space human beings who videotaped themselves brutally attacking an Oakland hair salon owner, then bragged about it on-air to radio station KMEL -- were in court today. It seems the victim, according to ABC 7's Dan Noyes, "is questioning why the Alameda County District Attorney's office has decided to file only misdemeanor battery and false imprisonment charges against suspects." The ladies, awe we use that term loosely, should have seen some sort of felony assault charges.

Even ABC7 agrees.

ABC7 Legal Analyst Dean Johnson agrees with Seals. After watching the video this morning, Johnson says if he were the prosecutor, the charges would have been felony assault, false imprisonment and conspiracy. Johnson cites the prolonged attack, the number of blows and the kicks to the head.

After the jump, View the raw footage of the attack (warning: it is explicit and violent) to judge for yourself.