After white-knuckling a Tablehopper absence -- Marcia Gagliardi, you see, is in the process of writing a book, hence her two-week sojourn offline -- we were relieved to find her waiting in our inbox today. One item that caught our tongue was news about the upcoming Fondue Cowboy, scheduled to open in the heart of SOMA very, very soon. Tablehopper reports, "What I found at the cozy 40-seat eatery at 1052 Folsom at Russ Street was a more grown-up spaghetti western theme. When I arrived, owner David Mur, and his construction friend Robert Harris were embellishing the bar you'd, ahem, saddle up to with warm multi-toned wooden planks that fill the base of the fondue, beer, and coffee bar. The opposing accent wall will feature cow skulls, Western-themed art, and here's to hoping, The Duke himself on the flat-screen TV!" What's more, since the place has a bar and involves pots of melted cheese, we plan on making it a home away from home. We're not kidding. Read more about Fondue Cowboy here.