Two men were shot inside Impala, a Broadway nightclub frequented by types who still think bottle service is cool, at around 1:15 a.m. this morning. According to , "two men were each shot in the leg, and were transported to San Francisco General Hospital, where they were listed in stable condition, according to Lieutenant Rich Pate of the San Francisco Police Department. The shooter was not arrested and police have not identified a suspect, Pate said." Impala, we should point out, was also the same venue mentioned in SF Weekly's cover story this week on "the failures of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission to adequately regulate violent clubs." Oops. Rightfully livid about this morning's violent shooting, Sam Young, owner of the nearby Dragon Bar, shot off a cross email to City Hall this morning, saying, "This should come as no surprise since I stated numerous times that this would happen ... As usual, City Hall does absolutely nothing and now there is another shooting, which could have and should have been prevented."

SF Weekly