by Moses Namkung

Having recently kicked off their first major tour in the States and fresh off the official release several days ago of their underground hit Hometowns on Saddle Creek, the Rural Alberta Advantage's genuine excitement with their recent success was refreshing to witness at BOTH last night.

On stage, the Canadian trio provided a sweet, effervescent presence. The voice of lead singer Nils Edenloff has drawn numerous comparisons to that of Jeff Mangum, and during the set, your friendly correspondent did conjure visions of Neutral Milk Hotel as well as Colin Meloy and Postal Service. But these evocations do not imply imitation - the RAA do create their own distinctive sound. Give "Don't Haunt This Place" a listen; with thumping drums and backing female harmonies, this twee but addictive indie anthem showcases the RAA at their best and was a definite highlight of the set.