The current wave of cocktail nerd-dom has reached such great heights that there's a whole cottage industry of cocktail bloggers out there and a whole annual conference (Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans each July) devoted to the mixologists' blogosphere. If you're a beer-and-shot kind of person, you'll probably want to stop reading and click away now. But for those of you who want to geek out on things like flavored bitters, vintage gin drinks, and making your own falernum, here's a roundup of cocktail blogs to beef up your booze knowledge and satisfy your cocktail curiosities.

Alcademics is the soapbox for freelance writer and cocktail enthusiast Camper English, and it covers ground from San Francisco bar openings, to articles about the healthfulness of drinking, to recipes for carrot cocktails.

This growing web concern is meant to be a one-stop source for drink recipes, city bar guides and bar jobs -- though the latter hasn't quite filled in yet. It's a new site, begun in part by local startender Duggan McDonnell, and we think it will go far.

Cocktail Hacker
Started by a couple of Colorado dudes, this one-year-old site is brimming with good stuff. Cocktails + Hackers == Cocktail Hacker