FILM: Enjoy a picnic and a concealed beverage while watching Goldfinger at Dolores Park, in which James Bond woos Pussy Galore and battles "a gold-hoarding, power-hungry maniac who plans to detonate a small atomic device at Fort Knox, in hopes of becoming the Richest Man Alive!"

8 p.m. // Dolores Park // free ($6 donation requested)

URBAN STREET GAME: In Oakland's Journey to the End of the Night, participants will start their adventure at Mosswood Park and flee unknown pursuers on foot through a series of checkpoints, in an attempt to stealthily reach a "classified" destination, up to ten miles away. The first one to reach the end point without being tagged wins, and those who get tagged along the way become the pursuers.

7 p.m. // Mosswood Park (3612 Webster St, Oakland) // free

MUSIC: Red Poppy resident artist and soul/jazz vocalist Valerie Troutt will be accompanied by Fear of The Fat Planet Crew in celebration of Juneteenth. The show will also feature poet, Joyce Lee and actor, Thandiwe De Shazor.

8:30 p.m. // Red Poppy Art House (2698 Folsom St) // $12-15, sliding scale