Want to hear more about a self-indulgent dilettante? Can you stomach another online writer who prattles on and on passive-aggressively about their alleged accomplishments? One who went to Ivy League schools you couldn't afford to get into? And, as a result, is a bit out of touch with the common man?

Well, surprise! It's not Peter and Billy Getty; it's the guy you voted for, former Board of Supervisors president and ex-Vice Presidential candidate Matt Gonzalez. And, according to his Facebook page, he's done and got himself "one" of those "fancy" new blogs. Take "a" look":"

Hello everyone~ I've just launched a "blog" that collects various opinion editorials and other writings I've done over the years, many of which are no longer in print or available online.

A few are a bit dated, but on the whole they hold up well..... enjoy~

Why the moniker hate, sir? Embrace the "blog" connotation and all that comes with it, Matt. Taste the lulz and petty drama on thew tip of your tongue. Caress yourself with the early AM crazy commenters and soft blogging community in-fighting. Bask in petty link wars. Let it wash over you.

In his defense, at least Matt allows comments, unlike the Gettys. Another win for progressives. (Although the blog's title, "The Matt Gonzalez Reader," makes us want to throw our laptop against the wall 12 times. Who does he think he is, James Joyce? Jesus.)