The ordinance that Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi introduced to temporarily ban new head shops on Haight Street passed committee on Monday, which means that no more stoner shacks can open on the street famous for its psychedelic roots. While the ban won't hurt current head shops or pot dispensaries, the ban "would prohibit the opening of any new businesses that sell tobacco and marijuana smoking paraphernalia for a period of three years," according to reports. (And with 14 of them open for business right now, Haight Street has a pornographically large amount of them already.) In addition to bongs, rolling paper, and pot leaf decals, head shops also sell convenient cocaine bullets and glass pipes in which you can puff crystal meth or/and crack. On June 23, the plan will be heard before the entire board. And if it passes, you will only have 14 options left where you can perfect your stoniness.