Saturday's Great American Food and Music Festival looked like it had win written all over it: ' Guy Fieri, alpha-male grilling fanboy Bobby Flay! A16's Nate Appleman! Boulevard's Nancy Oakes! LA's Pink’s Hot Dogs!, Tony Luke's Cheesesteaks! Booze! Jazzy tunes! Sun!

However, according to the unfortunate folks who attended Saturday's food and easy-listening gathering at Shoreline Amphitheater (who vented about the long lines, lack of food, computer snafus, and drink ticket nonsense) the event was, well, a shitshow.

For example, there's this:

"Jeez! A class of pre-schoolers could have done a better job organizing this festival than the producers: Serious Eats and The Agency Group.. If this event had happened in Japan, the head organizers (that's you,!!!) would have already committed suicide, and that's with 4 hours still left in the event (not suggesting that the festival organizers need to take such drastic measures)."

And this:

"...this was a crazy bad event. (which i had been looking forward to since it was first blogged about on serious eats.) i have never had such an atrocious experience at any public venue previously -- and i mean never."

And another:

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