Patrick Wolf, who is some sort of British pop star singer, was arrested in San Francisco last night. Thankfully, he Twittered the entire thing for your enjoyment.

pw_official: "Was arrested by san fran police for spitting in a bouncers face in protection of myself. Was almost shot in the face by a policeman. WTF?
3:34 AM Jun 9th from web "

pw_official: "was told by the policeman "take your shitty ass music out of this city and if you ever step off that tour bus you will be ***** ******** "
3:37 AM Jun 9th from web"

pw_official: "feeling very thelma and louise right now.. must sleep... not allowed off the bus or i will be shot by a policeman. this country is insane!!!
3:57 AM Jun 9th from web "

And finally.

pw_official: "btw. apparently my spit DEFINITELY contains "hiv, swine flu and hepatitis" that is why my spit is a deadly weapon according to police here!
4:01 AM Jun 9th from web"

First, sorry about the alleged harassment, Wolf. Second, how you evoke the good names of Thelma and Louise in comparison to your mild arrest by San Francisco's petal-soft police force. It's not appropriate and it's not funny. When a girl's crying like that? She isn't having any fun.

Anyway, according to Pitchfork, Wolf claims that he was also "'almost shot in the face'." The harrowing incident, it seems, occurred after Wolf spat in a bouncer's face ("in protection of myself," he claims). Anyone see what went down last night?