In a continuing tactic used against anyone who goes against the religious right's attempts to harm and degrade the queer community -- which involves intentionally abusing the term "beliefs" -- they recently used Godwin's Law to slam the SF Board of Supervisors for condemning the Vatican's policy on same-sex adoptions. (Because the Vatican has absolutely no history of questionable sympathy for the Third Reich.) Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center for Hate, used the term to describe the Board of Supes.

It is not a stretch to compare the San Francisco board's actions to that of the Nazi Germany policy of Gleichschaltung, vilifying Jews as an auxiliary to and laying the groundwork for more repressive policies, including the final solution of extermination.

Yeah. Nice try. But no.

Our favorite part of the article, however, was the image used to accompany to the story on SFGate. Through it has since been removed, Greg Dewar grabbed it for us so that we could share it with you. This image of Chinese American supes, at right, was a bizarre choice when posting an article blaring a headline about them being called Nazis. Communists? Sure, because that's funny. But Nazis? Well, that's downright strange.