According to TMZ -- who has been on a relentless pursuit of all things anti-Prejean, ever since she slammed gay marriage on live TV -- the disgraced Miss California title winner lost her crown today because she's not doing her job."Sources connected with the pageant tell us even Donald Trump has now had it with Carrie, because she's violating her contract by not getting clearance to do her extracurricular stuff.," reports TMZ, who go on to say that Carrie "has been a no-show for appearances she was supposed to make for the pageant organization."

What's more, the loathsome San Diego native is also a bit too curt for Miss California officials' taste. Read a couple of angry emails she blasted off to them.

The firing, we're told, will be based on Prejean's breach of contract, not "her political and [anti-Christian] moral views." Miss Malibu's Tami Farrell will take over the title.