You might want to reconfigure your route home, readers. According to ActionNewsSF, who have been updating all afternoon on today's underground Tenderloin fire, "Northbound Van Ness [is] closed, O'Farrell, Polk and Larkin also closed. Traffic on Hyde is a mess." And don't even think of taking the 47 or 49 buses right now. We'll update around the 5 o'clock hour with more traffic details, which (hopefully) might ease as the day wears on. Also, according to abc7newsBayArea, "The shelter in place around O'Farrell and Polk has been lifted." Update: Word is "[a]s of 3:00 p.m., the 47 and 49 routes have resumed normal service. The 19 and the 38 are still being re-routed." Update II, "Traffic moving again on Van Ness, Larkin, and Hyde. O'Farrel & Polk still closed. Traffic lights out at various intersections."