In an effort to expose the fructose- and sodium-laced underbelly of the Bay Area foodie scene, SFist asked famous gastronomic types to reveal their junk food habits of choice.

In order of inbox arrival, here's how they responded.

  • Jamie Lauren (Absinthe, executive chef; season 5 ): "Nacho cheese pretzel Combos. I'm obsessed. They're delicious."
  • Michael Bauer (SF Chronicle, food critic): "I'd say my guilty pleasure is fried chicken (yes, even Popeye's), potato chips (particularly Kettle), In-N-Out Burger, movie popcorn (I don't care if the butter is fake), and anything pickled (olives, okra, cauliflower, carrots, you name it.)"
  • Elizabeth Faulkner (Orson, executive chef): "On the upcoming Top Chef Masters, I mentioned I like Peanut M&Ms. I pretty much love chocolate and have a recent obsession with how to make my own Cheetos or cheese puffs -- only with blue cheese and cayenne!"
  • Gary Danko (Gary Danko, executive chef): "Gummy worms."
  • Marcia Gagliardi (Tablehopper): "I always look forward to buying cans of Pringles and Tecate to bring to Burning Man. Jerky too. The desert is like my hall pass. And about once a year I’ll hit the McDonalds drive-thru for an Egg McMuffin and hash browns -- I feel terrible about it before and after, but while I’m snarfing it? Uh, no guilt at all. No sir."
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