Because being a native San Franciscan isn't adorably dorky in and of itself, Mission Mission first broke news that Mission High School students held a "green prom" over the weekend, complete with environmentally-friendly trimmings.

Held last Friday at the Golden Gate Club, which is a waste-free venue, the school's prom was made with recycled or green-y materials, including the decor, cups, plates, tiaras, and music equipment.

Even a constantly-pedaled bike was used to power the DJs equipment, which was provided by Environmental Service Learning Initiative.

Sure beats the OC prom your SFist editor didn't go to at the Ritz-Carlton many moons ago, where at least two girls were gang-raped with roofies. (Though we bet Mission High School students' date-rape drugs were organic, kava kava-infused concoctions. Genius.)