After making a TV appearance at some sort of Minnesota State Fair, Eater kicked off a search for famed SF Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer's elusive visage. (Oh God. Speaking of TV, did anybody catch the premier episode of Obsessed last night? Give it time; it has loads of potential. Because: remember the scene where, after arriving at the germophobic gay guy's jarringly immaculate Palm Springs home, the therapist whips out a tampon and says, "As luck would have it, I'm on my period," and then uses his pristine bathroom to insert a fresh Stayfree? Then, in a stroke that was nothing short of genius, she asks said obsessed gay guy to come look at her used tampon floating in his once -sterilized toilet? That's called TV magic, folks.) In record time, they found a photo of him frolicking at the Ferry Building in a mustard yellow top. Hungry for more, the fine people over at Eater are now requesting your help in finding other local food critics' faces. Help them out, won't you? (Update: Since most of you are new to the internet, or so it would seem, we've partially blocked out Bauer's face. In the meantime, here you go.)