The SF Weekly Best of 2009 Readers Poll, while clearly accurate in such categories as Best Blog, was perhaps skewed by a campaign to vault Pasta Pomodoro to the lofty position as the people's choice for Best Restaurant. While Pasta P. may make a competent marinara on a good day, and their focaccia can be quite tasty, both we at SFist and our pal at EaterSF have a hard time accepting this result given the multitude of world-class restaurants in our fair city. So, in the spirit of democracy, please vote in EaterSF's poll so that we can get a better idea what our readers think. Sure, it's multiple choice and does not include a host of smaller neighborhood faves, but you're welcome to add your write-in candidate in the comments, either there or here. (We already know that Brock votes for Spruce.) And yes, polls are always dumb and biased, but humor us for a second.