Egads, this sounds awful. In yet another why reason teenagers should be handled with cattle prods and crammed with psychoactives at all times, a man was alleged beaten and robbed by a most vile gaggle of teenagers in the Mission yesterday. According to Mission Mission, here's what happened.

There was just an 8 on 1 beatdown and mugging on Capp and 24th right at the entrance of the corner parking lot. All accounts claim it was pretty brutal. 8 youngings, 3 girls and 5 guys [Remember, folks, you can give men AND women a good defensive beating if they attack you. A thumb through the eye, in a pinch, usually does the trick. -- SFist], were hanging out in the back of the parking lot for “over 30 minutes,” according to a anonymous witness at the scene, when a fairly built male in a red convertible pulled up and parked. The teens then jumped him and beat him up pretty badly. Apparently he fought them off briefly but they eventually wrestled him to the ground and started kicking him in the head. They then took all his possessions and “even tried to steal his car” but eventually fled the scene in their own vehicles that were parked on Capp.

The most jarring part of all is that this happened sometime around 4 p.m. Naturally, no arrests have been made. Did you see what happened?