In order to appease a few South Carolina attorneys general, Craigslist finally removed their pay-for-play 'erotic services' section from the site. (Boo!) Instead, they have a new (?) 'adult' section under the 'services' category of Craigslist, which features such totally innocent ads as "M4M - CMT MASSAGE BY COLLEGE GUY," "EROTIC MASSAGE & ESCORT SERVICES BY HOT BEAR CUB!!!," and "_ • ♥ • _ BLONDE _ • ♥ • _ PRINCESS _ • ♥ •" (Jasmine, by the way, promises to be "very wild," "classy," and just "one phone call away") According to reports, Craigslist employees "review every ad submitted to the adult area before they appear online," but are struggling since they can't block every sex solicitation. Catherine, a San Francisco sex worker, tells CNET that she "successfully posted an ad for her services to the adult section late last week." So naughty, Catherine.