Dr. Horace Bixby Newhard, 78, was ordered yesterday to stand trial for allegedly penetrating a 60-year-old patient during a gynecological exam, who had been a patient of Newhard's for several decades. During an office visit in 2007, after Newhard had sent the office staff home, the victim said she felt three very rapid thrusts in her genital region. She also said he "pulled on" her nipples during a breast exam, and at the conclusion of the office visit, Newhard embraced her and kissed her, put his hand on her butt, and pushed her into him. In court, Newhard never denied the allegations, telling the victim he was sorry he made her uncomfortable. "It was my exuberance. I've always liked you." Newhard has pleaded not guilty, and although his medical license remains active, he is required to have a third-party chaperone present while examining women. Perhaps it's time to retire?