The folks over at Entertainment Weekly divulged their favorite food blogs in their most recent issue (You know, the issue featuring future first openly gay American Idol Adam Lambert on the cover? That one.) The EW editorial staff give gastronomic love to GreatDepressionCooking, This Is Why You're Fat, Jamie Oliver (wha?), Smitten Kitchen, Liqurious, Bitten.Blogs.NYTimes, and Orangette Blogspot. Graded B+, A, B, A, A-, B, and A, respectively. Aside from glaring Eater and The Food In My Beard omissions -- not that we don't love many, many Bay Area food sites, because we do -- we dig a few of these sites. (Especially SmittenKitchen, which manages to make sweet tooth "food porn" not at all cloying.) Any food blogs you, hungry readers, would like to have seen make the list?