Your stalwart correspondents have been enjoying the opening events of SF Cocktail Week, and in particular last night's farmers' market drink event at the Ferry Building, co-hosted by the non-profit Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Agriculture. We don't want to be all annoying and "you shoulda been there" about it, but you shoulda been there (we would have warned you but it was sold out as of last week)! Bartenders from around town like provided little tasters of drinks made from rums and cachacas and seasonal fruit, and several restaurants provided delicious food things to cleanse the palate between beverages. Highlights included the Black Lavender cocktail from Alicia Walton of Elixir -- which was, if we remember correctly, a mix of dark rum, Tuaca, blackberries, raspberries, lemon, honey and muddled dried lavender (look for recipe on SFist later) -- and the Herb Cane from Duggan McDonnell's Esquire-honored bar CantinaSF -- which had muddled Thai basil, mint, lemon juice, syrup Cabana cachaca, Chartreuse, and an orange peel garnish.