The fine folks over at Eater came across the May issue of Esquire, which boasts their annual list of the Best Bars in America. San Francisco scored big, with Zeitgeist (cyclists and porta-potties!), Toronado (somewhere in the Haight!), 21 Club, (grit!) Bourbon & Branch (never been before!), Cantina (secret basement fumblings!), Vesuvio (North Beach at its most preserved!) and Tosca Cafe (Sean Penn!) making the annual list.

What about the not-so-good, you ask? We're giving that award to Lava Lounge. Why? Because it has tiny seats, tiny drinks, and ruined what once was the only place in the LoRi to get a cheap cocktail served by a pregnant, cigarette-smoking bartender.

But what say you? What drinking establishment is an area of concern?