LA Weekly baits San Franciscans in Ask Mr. Gold's most recent column. Erica, a Los Angeles-based reader, writes in to ask about her "friend in town from Berkeley" who loves burritos but is set in her Bay Area commie pinko burrito eating ways. What should Erica do?

Mr. Gold responds:

Dear Erica:

Bay Area residents tend to have peculiar ideas about burritos, which they regard as monstrous things wrapped in tinfoil, and filled with what would seem to be the contents of an entire margarita-mill dinner, including grilled meat, rice, beans, guacamole, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, orange cheese, and probably a lot of other things that neither God nor man ever intended to see the inside of a tortilla, much less the soggy steamed pup-tents that are but mandatory up north.

Gold then further tempts the trolls by mentioning that Angelenos were eating burritos for decades, way back when our \Mission District "was still an unreconstructed Irish neighborhood." SFist asked Burrito Justice for comment, who explained, "Awwww. LA, their burritos are as cute as their hipsters."

But what say you, Bay Area? Does Mr. Gold have a point? Are LA's slightly less oily, somewhat more user-friendly, and arguably tasty burritos better than our alleged monstrosities? (Check out what Los Angelenos are saying about the burrito wars over at LAist.)