OK, so we know we've been bitching about MUNI more than usual for the past few days. But personal revenge? So unlike you. See, we happened to be on the T line (meeting a visiting relative at Caltrain) this evening, along with a full load of people who wanted to get to a train and go home. The train stopped in the subway for nearly half an hour, exhibiting all of the usual traits of an epic train failure

1) A driver who communicated nothing about what was going on.
2) An annoyed passenger with a folding bike who asked just to be let off the train after it got above round and waited for another ten minutes
3) Cell phones coming out everywhere, phrase "stuck on MUNI, don't hold dinner" reverberating throughout the train.

Finally, the cause was revealed - a broken N-Judah train that for some reason took forever to reroute. Now we're waiting on the outbound platform (thanks to Google for the wireless!), watching train after train go by to the station. Apparently it's going to take them some time to get back here, which means that they'll be packed, slow, and screwed up for the rest of the evening. Sorry, Inner Sunset dwellers! Going to be a rough night.