The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a law on Tuesday banning any and all loitering outside of SF nightclubs. This, it seems, will help stop violent crimes that happen in front of nightclubs. Now thugs looking to punch or murder other patrons will have to walk a few feet away from a nightclub in order to commit their preferred acts of violence. A dirty, evil loiterer is, for those of you who don't know, a person who "remains a pedestrian for a period of over three minutes within ten feet from the entrance of a nightclub or within ten feet from any point on any lines formed at the entrance to a nightclub." If a loiterer is caught in the act of mischievous loitering outside a nightclub, according to SFBG, they will be "fined $50-$100 and/or community service. But if charged with a misdemeanor, they will be punished with a $200-$500 fine and/or community service, or six months in the County jail, or fine and jail." In related news: You weren't using those First Amendment rights anyway, were you?