It's been awhile since we've mentioned Gavin Newsom's whimsical musings on Twitter. (Speaking of the the micro-blogging network many of you claim to be sick of but secretly can't stop using, its founders will be on The View this week. May God have mercy on them.) Ever since he nixed the idle chat about running in the Presidio , or threatened a certain cousin's inheritance after an awesome tête-à-tête went live, the entertainment value of his posts have run on the stale side.

On Sunday, however, he asked his followers for some help.

GavinNewsom Would love some ideas about who the next guest should be on my radio show--about
23 hours ago from txt

The logical answer is, of course, Vanessa Getty, San Francisco's own Mary Queen of Scots. But his boring followers chose the following equally boring interviewees: #1, themselves, #2, Miss California; #3 Rachel Maddow; #4 Sean Penn/Robert Redford/Gray Davis. Pft.

Anyone you want to see Newsom talk to? Let us know in the comments and we'll reply with whomever you all decide it hot seat-worthy.