This week's drink comes to us from Steven Liles (a.k.a. The Reverend) at Boulevard, who created this recipe using Galliano Authentico to be featured on Boulevard's cocktail menu for the upcoming Cocktail Week celebration in May.

From Steven:

While thinking about what to do for Galliano, I ran across the story of Elisa Biscaccianti, and since both Galliano and Ms. Biscaccianti both have ties to Gold Rush era San Francisco, I thought it would be fun to make a cocktail in her honor. Here is the story.

Elisa Biscaccianti was a coloratura soprano hailing originally from Boston. Arriving in San Francisco in 1852, she filled a void for the men of San Francisco. Both her beauty and her talent as a singer enthralled the booming city. She soon found herself performing nightly, commanding great wages and admiration from the populace. She performed for nearly a year, before embarking on a world tour. Though her tour was successful, she yearned to come back to the city that loved her, and six years later she did.