According to today's press conference, the Zodiac Killer was some guy named Guy Ward Hendrickson. Whatever. But here's where it gets good: Hendrickson allegedly took his daughter, Deborah Perez, along with him for the murders.

Perez spoke at today's press conference. Here are just a few of her wild claims.

  • During the shooting deaths, he told her the gun shots were firecrackers.
  • She stamped the envelopes containing the cryptic letters sent out to local media.

  • She embroidered the mask he wore while committing his notorious acts.

  • During a routine police stop, he stuck his gun in the back of her pants. This happened just after the 4th of July killings.

  • She also said he killed between 30 and 40 people.

  • He lived in Orange County. Of course.

  • He apologized on his deathbed.

  • The murders seemed to be a "special activity" between her and her dad.


But here's the rub, Perez says she wrote some of the letters herself and that she saw a composite on America's Most Wanted in 2007 of her father as the Zodiac Killer, and began to remember it all. So, you know, she may be delusional in addition to being sanity-estranged. (However, according to attorney Kevin McLean, the man who lead this most recent investigation, "Everyone is going to say she is crazy, but we had psychologists examine Ms. Perez." Word is, though, that McLean isn't a beacon of mental clarity himself.)

For many years, people fingered Arthur Leigh Allen, a child molester from Vallejo who died in 1992, as the Zodiac Killer.