The San Francisco Police Department is going to crack down on underage drinking at AT&T Park this week, according to KTVU. Apparently other Giants fans have complained about junior alcohol enthusiasts so the SFPD will emphasize a "zero-tolerance policy for violations of underage alcohol possession and consumption and public drunkenness laws during baseball games." Wait a minute, public drunkenness also applies to the of-age beer guzzlers—does this mean fans will have to...behave? The increased police presence will start on Friday and the monitoring inside and outside the park will be in effect for the rest of the season. The SFPD adds that it's "working with our neighboring law enforcement agencies in the educational outreach program regarding underage drinking in the stadium and vicinity" and that "flyers regarding the laws about underage drinking and the consequences of violating those laws" will also be distributed around and on the way to the stadium.