Residents busted for shackling and torturing a teenager, a doctor arrested for allegedly sexually abusing patients, and a substitute teacher fingered for molesting "upward of 15 students" -- these are just a few of the bizarre crimes Tracy played host to before the rape and murder of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu. Why has this one-time safest city in California taken a turn for the macabre? Well, according to Joseph McNamara, a research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution and San Jose's police chief from 1976 to 1991, says Tracy's rapid growth might be to blame. Tracy, it seems, doubled in size since the mid-1990s. "As the city grows, inevitably, the crime gets more complex, there will be more conflict ... and the police will get caught in the middle of that," said McNamara. Interesting. Central Valley readers, if you can put down the cattle prod and stick the gag back in her mouth for a second, is this true? Is Tracy really this horrific?