Been waiting forever for some choice SFBG v. SF Weekly drama? Well, wait no more. A golden-brown batch of it just came out over at SF Weekly, complete with libel accusations, Sabine women, and a Dire Straits quote. See, it seems SFBG Editor Tim Redmond sent VVM Executive Editor Mike Lacey a series of questions in order to update the status of their lawsuit. Which is to say, an article is in the works, and SFBG simply asked a series of questions. And Lacey? He published said series questions, followed by his official response.

Redmond asks, among other things, if VVM will post an appeal bond, if VVM has "sufficient asset-protection to render New Times/Village Voice Media in effect judgment proof," and something curious about Lacey and Jim Larkin (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) allegedly transferring "a significant amount of money out of the company and into [their] personal assets."

Lacey cries foul, claims Redmond is teetering on the edge of libel. (But, for all the times Lacey accuses Redmond of defamation in the post, all SFBG did was send Lacey an email with the questions. And VVM is the one who chose to publish the email. It's not defamation to send a private email to a person asking them questions.) Anyway, it's all very Lohan-Ronson at this point -- minus the clothes, cocaine, and girl-on-girl action. Be sure to check it out.