Bay 2 Breakers Mash-Up from Melissa Griffin on Vimeo.

Yesterday, there was some sort of emergency Bay to Breakers Board of Supervisors meeting. The annual race of booze and public pissing -- which saw its rules get tighter this year after last year's race turned blotto, due largely in part to this innocent little SFist post -- was called into question.

The result? Well, not too much. There will, however, be an addition 150 to 200 extra portapotties to tend to all of your bodily evacuating needs. Also, you can still show your penis and boobs at will. (But if you plan on getting nude because you're just so crazy, plan on having your photo taken. Also, said images will get posted online. Yes, they will.)

However, floats have to enter at the beginning of the parade route and no kegs or booze bottles will be allowed.

Meh. Whatever on the floats. And regarding booze and other contraband: if you don't yet know who to conceal alcohol or drugs on your body, you really shouldn't be living in San Francisco much less participating in the infamous B2B race.