You have to enjoy the irony of a composer whose most widely played piece is titled The Composer Is Dead. Indeed, it's so popular that it got turned into the cutest, funnest children's book, complete with an accompanying CD. Said composer? Our own Nathaniel Stookey, a San Francisco resident who collaborated here with Lemony Snicket for the witty text. Snicket, aka. Daniel Handler, is the author of a Series of Unfortunate Events, which sold over 50 millions copies. Talk about a local dream team.

Snicket will narrate two live family performances this Sunday 3/29 at Davies Symphony hall and next Saturday 4/4 down at the Flint Center in Cupertino (where you can still get tickets!), with the SF Symphony conducted by Edwin Outwater. Edwin is currently the music director at Kitchener-Waterloo in Canada, and if we may spoil the ending, had to be extradited to conduct. Edwin, Nathaniel and Lemony appear in the SF Symphony youtube channel clip below, to give you a feel of what it's about. And Nathaniel was kind enough to answer our questions after the break!