This cannot be good. Aiding in the closure of one of the few business that make money in SF? Ugh. According to Anna Conda, former Miss Trannyshack and club promoter of Herr-A-Chick, the DNA Lounge finally "lost its liquor license," so she's moving her club night. If you recall, DNA Lounge came under fire from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, after the covert agents witnesses the exposing of bare buttocks at one of the club's queer nights. (Anna Conda has since moved the 4/15 version of Herr-A-Chick to the Eagle Tavern.) But don't fret, DNA fans. They are still in the appeals process. Stay tuned for updates, or go here for more about DNA's ongoing battle with ABC.

Update: Drama! OK, we futzed the first part of this. Here's what DNA (angrily) has to say about the above information.

1) We have not "lost our liquor license". All that happened is we got another piece of paper along the way with ABC's decision on it, as opposed to mere threats. The appeal process continues. It could take years, and we will certainly be open in the meantime.

2) The reason Herr-a-Chick is moving to the Eagle is because they were never able to get more than 50 people to show up to one of their events. DNA Lounge is just way too big for them.

Also, "the judge recommended revocation, and they are facing a long appeals process, but they still have it and it's business as usual." That is to say, the place is open for business as usual.

Here's a link to the legal defense fund to help DNA Lounge.

There's a Save DNA Facebook page too.