No time for a setup, folks. Details are brief. It'll happen in a few hours, and it's an emergency. As Zombie Wrangler just informed us, "[a] thousand apologies for the late notice, but in a few hours San Francisco will be swarmed by rogue zombies. We at eatbrains have no mitigation efforts in place, so it could be disastrous. See for details.'

See you in your full glory at 4PM tomorrow (Wednesday) - follow the red path outlined in the MAP starting with Marker A. Human observers with cameras will be following our movements! Walk responsibly and abide by the undead rules of conduct.

Markers on the Map:
Starting @ 4PM Wednesday (tomorrow):
-Begin at Marker A, which is on Market (between 4th & 5th).
-Marker B is on 4th (leading up to Howard)
-Marker C is on Folsom & 1st
-Marker D is Main & Howard
-Ending Point: Last Marker (Marker E) is Main & Market.

Can you make with a few hours notice? The walking dead could. Go here for more details.