The two CurrentTV journalists detained in North Korea, reporter Laura Ling photographer Euna Kim, are under investigation by authorities for espionage. While allegedly being treated well in captivity (at least according to North Korea), the two SF-based journalists are facing "intense interrogation" in Pyongyang. If convicted of spying, according to reports, "the women face at least five years in prison under North Korean law."

U.S. officials, however, are being tight-lipped with further details in order to help get the two women released. State Department Acting Spokesman Robert Wood told reporters, "As I've said, we're trying to work this issue diplomatically. For me to stand up here and talk about it in detail is not helpful. So I'm just going to limit my comments to what I've given you today. I mentioned to you yesterday that I think the less said from here the better in terms of trying to win the release of these two Americans."