Today, C.W. Nevius (sort of) suggests jail time for hoodlums caught tagging or performing other acts of artistic expression via vandalism. Because graffiti in San Francisco is getting worse. (Or better, depending on how you look at it.)

While one can spend six months in jail in Seattle for tagging, in San Francisco you get a gentle slap on the butt. As Nevius points out, "San Francisco taggers are more likely to get off with community service or probation. That's a problem because, as is the case with other quality-of-life crimes, a small minority is causing a majority of the problems." (311 graffiti complaints, according to the Examiner, averaged 1,400 per month.)

Sure, tagging is, you know, illegal and stuff. But we'd hate to miss adorable things like this and this and this. Still, is a half a year in the clink necessary to keep allegedly rampant graffiti off our walls and street signs?