Well this just tears it. EXIT Theater announced today that it will replace the staged reading of Sean Owens’ Center Square, a one-man show based on the life of late comedian, Bye Bye Birdie star (Gah! Now "The Telephone Hour" will be crammed in our head day), and Hollywood Squares star Paul Lynde, after the San Francisco theater received a “cease and desist” letter last month from the licensee of the Lynde rights, Matzoball Entertainment LLC. Lynde, for those of you who don't know, was a homosexual B-list actor who, in 1965, was involved in an accident where his boyfriend fell to his death from the window of their hotel room in San Francisco's Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

Instead of Center Square, EXIT Theater will do a staged reading of Lee Kiszonas’, Capote’s Last Frontier, about the life of writer and drug/alcohol aficionado Truman Capote.