Watch my visit to Twitter live at 10:15 AM PST -- [here]
about 1 hour ago from web

Hey, stop by SFist headquarters after Twitter. We're just one block away! (Pst, bring us a bagel & cream cheese from Caffe Centro? Your editor hasn't put on his face yet. Thanks.)

Update 10:33 a.m.: Twitter founders (Biz Stone and Evan Williams) are speaking about trends and Germany. SFist HQ remains bagel-free.

Update 10:40 a.m: The brunette said that there are more people on planet Earth not twittering than twittering. This is not good, folks. Remember, there is now no good reason to have a thought or idea if it's not broadcast over the interwebs. Get cracking.

Update 10:49 a.m: Newsom "couldn't be more proud" that Twitter is based in SF. Same goes for Google. "It's much cheaper to do business here [in SF]" than shuttling nerds down to Silicon Valley. Word.