One of the big criticisms (and there are many) of the No On Prop 8 campaign was that there wasn't enough person-to-person canvassing. According to the folks managing the campaign, they had to use phone banks because the swing voters were too widely dispersed to reach on foot. Well, we've seen how that worked out.

So what's next? Ah, the Courage Campaign is glad you asked. They've got a bunch of nifty tools and tactics lined up to reach out and grab swing voters -- much of it recently learned or developed for other, more successful campaigns -- and they're about to roll it out. There's going to be a ballot battle again soon, no matter which way the Supreme Court rules; and the Courage Campaign is planning to unleash an extremely clever, very targeted outreach to exactly the voters who need it. And they need your help.

They've just put out a call for volunteers to form regional campaign teams (hey, sound familiar? Like, Obama-familiar?) to contact local voters, provide a local public face, and organize local events. Here in The Gay City, it might seem a little superfluous, but it's not; and out in the suburbs and valleys, it's crucial. (And in fact, Courage Campaign is holding a boot camp in Fresno on March 7th and 8th for just that reason.)

So if you're interested in volunteering, let them know. We've seen a sneak peak of the amazing new techniques they're using, and it's stuff that neither side of the Prop 8 battle even dreamed of.

Disclosure: SFist_Matt is the creator of, a site that monitors the media for reporting on California marriage equality.