UPDATE: Friend of SFist cowsaysmeow kindly directs us to this yelp thread, in which some folks were denied their sandwich. We've reached out to Quiznos to get the scoop, more if and when we hear back.

Yeah, this SFist is all about Ike's Vegan Backstabber, but we're even more about saving money. That's why we're setting up an el fakeo yahoo account to use just long enough to get a free Quizno's sandwich. Just "register" here and keep that spurious inbox open just long enough to get an email you print out (like a caveman!) and bring to a Quizno's near you.

Our unsolicited advice: get as much free shit out of Quiznos as you can, and save your dough to spend at your fave local joints (we're loyal to Ike's, but always looking for recommendations, commenters!). It's a win for everyone. (Thanks, Consumerist!)

Yeah, we know this isn't their current ad campaign, but we always liked those rodents.