Now that boozing, urinating, and nudity have been banned from the ING Bay to Breakers race, a run famous for boozing, urinating, and nudity -- seriously, we're sorry; this is partially our fault -- residents have sounded off on the B2B Fackbook page.

Jon Schwartz: Hey ING! Great call. Way to ruin the number one greatest day of the year. You just gave me huge motivation to boycott everything related to your irrelevant company. Fix this mistake or plan to pay the consequences of a wrath so fierce, so strong, so unbounded.

A cold future lies ahead for you my friend, a cold cold future. SO very cold!

Joshua Bolitho: If this ban goes through, I hope the skies rain urine.

Tyler Heschong: Really ING? Changing what has become a near 100 yr tradition because those in charge can't properly plan a race. pitiful.

Main complaints related to alcohol: public urination and garbage.
Solution: rent more portable bathrooms and place them more frequently on the stretch near peoples homes before the park and place dumpsters along the route.
Cost: instead of paying additional $ to the SFPD for increased enforcement (aka no fun police), pay for the proper solutions to keep Bay to Breakers the SF tradition that it's gained legendary status for.

Danna Gutman: I'm actually going to close my ING account this week. Most of the balance had already been transferred somewhere else, but I think this is a good reason to close it.