What with Bush out of office, American Apparel has, unfortunately, turned into a lightening rod for San Francisco's wrath.

And who are we to argue with traffic gold?

That said, American Apparel's "Legalize Gay" shirt has us furrowing our brows like never before. While AA pockets all of the money that it's making off of the passage of Prop 8, Urban Outfitters donates one hundred percent of its "Marriage Equality" t-shirt sales to EQCA and NCLR (two of the organizations leading the Supreme Court challenge).

This is particularly remarkable as Urban Outfitters has a super-conservative chairman, and only two months ago yanked a pro-gay-marriage t-shirt from shelves. Their explanation at the time was that the shirt wasn't selling well (which is at least plausible, since it wasn't a very pretty shirt). Hopefully this design will enjoy better sales.